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Dog&Go® Squeaky Enrichment Toys for Smart Dogs"

Dog&Go® Squeaky Enrichment Toys for Smart Dogs"

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Elevate Your Pet's Playtime with DOG&GO Puzzle Toys! 

Engage your furry friends in interactive fun with our innovative dog mental stimulation toys. Featuring a unique squeak button for attention-grabbing play, three engaging difficulty levels, and a 16-hole treat dispenser, these toys ensure extended and enjoyable slow feeding sessions, exceeding 20 minutes.

Entertain your pets with the entertaining Spin & Slide and Seek & Hide games, enhancing their cognitive skills and sense of smell. The non-removable parts design guarantees durability and safe play, with anti-slip features for stability during use.

Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, our puzzle toys are a perfect blend of functionality and convenience. Delight your pets with a thoughtful gift packaged in a beautiful box. Choose DOG&GO for quality, engaging, and health-promoting playtime.


Material : Polyester PVC

Colors : Nlack & White

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Hi, and welcome to Dog&Go®- a traveling bag for dog owners.

My name is Maya, and ever since I can remember, dogs were an integral part of my life.

About 10 years ago my family and I adopted a puppy Jack Russel Terrier, whom we later named Yulia.
A few weeks passed and bruises started to appear on her face, symptoms that the veterinarian referred to as an Auto Immune disease, which is basically an incurable kind of disease in which for some unknown reason, the immune system attacks itself, and as a result bruises appear and interfere with normal activities.

Due to the fact that Auto Immune diseases are incurable, Yulia is going to suffer her whole life, which emphasizes how special of a dog she is. Yulia is a true hero, and even though we are her owners, it teaches us a lot about how to seize and enjoy every moment of our lives.

Yulia likes to go out for walks outside, as it makes her happy and helps her forget the incessant itching redness the bruises cause.

One day a crazy idea came into my mind: I decided to take Yulia with me on a long trip: just me and her. While planning our long trip, which I destined to be a couple weeks long, I was looking for a kit to match Yulia's needs for such trip. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything.

And that's why I decided to make one on my own:

A traveling bag that organizes all the necessary things needed for an easy and comfortable trip with your best friend.

A modular bag with a unique compartment for each product. It is comfortable, compact and most importantly, it allows us to go on trips easily and comfortably with our best friends.





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