Treat, Not Trick!

Unleash the spooky season in style with our exclusive Halloween Collection for dogs – because every furry friend deserves a howling good time!


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Celebrating Halloween with your dog can be a fun and memorable experience 

Pet-Friendly costumes:

if your dog enjoys wearing costumes, choose one that is comfortable, safe, and dosen't restrict movement or obsttruct vision.

Pumpkin Carving:

Carve dog-friendly pumpkins by removing seeds and pulp. you can create a dog-friendly design or carve your dog's name into the pumpkin.

Treats and Toys:

Prepare special Halloween-themed dog treats or buy some from a pet store. Ensure the treats are safe for dogs and won't upset their stomachs.

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Original Dog&Go® Dog Travel kit that includes a unique modular waterproof bag and is equipped with everything you need for a travel with your dog with peace of mind

  • All-in-One Convenience: Pack, Play, Enjoy Anywhere!
  • Durable Design, Stylish Travel: Adventure-Ready Dog Companion.
  • Spacious & Organized: Everything Your Pup Needs, Neatly Stored.
  • On-the-Go Essentials: Simplify Outings with Furry Friend!
  • Weather-Ready Canine Companion: Bag Up, Wag On!


The Kit's Products:

 2 Silicone Bowls

1 Dog&Go PoopBag Cover 

3 Poop Bag Rolls

1 Dog&Go Water Bottle

1 Car Seat Cover 

1 Dog&Go Seat Belt



*The products come in green color

*The image is for illustration only


Colors: Black & White

Dimensions: Length 14", Width 9.5", Depth 5"

Bag weight (without accessories): 1.1 Ibs

Bag weight (with accessories): 2.2 Ibs

Material: Polyester PVC


Halloween dog kit

Convenient Organization:
 A dog travel bag for Halloween provides designated compartments for treats, toys, costumes, and essentials, ensuring easy access and organized storage during festive outings.


Portability and Mobility:
 Designed for on-the-go pet owners, a dog travel bag is portable and often comes with adjustable straps or handles, allowing convenient transportation of Halloween essentials for your furry friend.


Safety and Preparedness:

A well-equipped dog travel bag ensures you have all the necessary items, such as treats, water bowls, and waste bags, promoting your dog's safety and well-being during Halloween adventures, whether it's a walk, party, or event.

Stock up for the Halloween rush!

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